Helpful Info

  1. Privacy: PrintMy.Life is committed to your privacy. We will not share or disclose your information with any third parties without your approval. In fact we are not interested in your personal information beyond what allows us to complete and deliver your order correctly. What we would love is more orders… not more data!
  2. Copyright: As our customer you accept sole responsibility for Copyright and reproduction of images. It is deemed that you are the owner or have permission to use any images or artwork you have submitted for printing.
  3. Image quality: Please ensure you provide the highest quality image or photo possible. Ideally your image should be at least 250dpi at about an A4 size. Best thing is just to use your original high resolution photo straight from your phone or camera which hasn’t been downsized. PrintMy.Life will assume that you want your supplied image printed even if it is low resolution. Of course, if it is drastically unacceptable we will get in touch with you to make sure!
  4. Production variation: T-shirt printing is not an exact science! PrintMy.Life is committed to producing a high-quality garment that matches the intention of your order. Unless we do something drastically wrong in the production of your garment, the customer accepts full responsibility for the use of the service.
  5. Image print size: PrintMy.Life can print up to nearly A4 size.  Our online T-shirt designer shows a proportional representation of how your image will be printed on your shirt.  We have done a lot of testing to ensure this scale is representative over the most popular print sizes.
  6. Social standards: PrintMy.Life may refuse to print material of an illegal, political, sexual or offensive nature. Ideally we want to print positive images for the world… that’s why we’d love you to try make your own happy selfie shirt!
  7. Cancellation: If your garment has already been printed before you advise of your desire to cancel the order, then you are not entitled to a refund. However if you have cancelled your order in time we will endeavour to refund as much as possible, though there may be minor third-party fees that may be passed on if they cannot be avoided.

Home of the Selfie Shirt

Did you know the inspiration for PrintMy.Life was that people should be able to upload their selfie from their phone straight onto a printed T shirt?  Try it now by clicking on the Shop link above!